Bill Simpson of Wellington is known for his toughness and nerves of steel. But even he was left in tears when a girl he protected from bullies for years returned with a life-changing gift - Playing Cards

Always one to put others before himself, Bill Simpson has been a positive figure in his community for decades. From spending time teaching solitaire at the local homeless shelter, to protecting young boys and girls from bullies at school, Bill has certainly lived up to his title as the “nicest tough guy” in Wellington.

But Simpson doesn’t protect children in the way that most people think. Instead of confronting and intimidating bullies, he and his gang become a positive force in the children’s lives and fill a gap the social system doesn’t provide.

“No child deserves to live in fear,” Bill says. “So we give them a road name and a patch and make them a part of our family. The kids soon learn that their new family is much scarier than the 'bad guys' out there and it makes them feel safe."

Well put! And a heartwarming gesture for sure, but one Bill and his crew definitely never expected to be repaid for.

That is, until little Jenny Mason, one of the girls Bill taught card games to and protected many years ago - got her first paycheck and made a gift that would change both her and Bill’s lives forever:

“I couldn't believe it,” Jenny said. “I’ve never been able to hold down a job in the past, but with their support at the homeless shelter for those job hunting, my life will never be the same."

But the story doesn’t end there. Soon after collecting her paycheck, Jenny went straight to south Perth to repay the one person that put a smile on her face even in the darkest of times. And after greeting him with a huge hug and kiss on the check, Jenny handed him a note - in it a personalized pack of Little Atlantis cards

Needless to say, he was beyond shocked - and the huge smile that broke out across his face told Jenny he was forever grateful for the gift.

“I can’t believe how quickly things can change,” Jenny told us. “One minute I can barely afford to pay expensive Perth rent, and the next I have my first paycheck in the bank account waiting to be spent.

We at CardWonder want to thank them as well and congratulate Bill and Jenny for sharing their heartwarming story.